Blayze Production is a company that puts the artist first and wants to see the growth in the artist or other musical aspects. We provide tools to the artist that don’t know where to start or how to begin. We work with artists, producers, start-up music companies, managers, and every aspect that music has to offer. We believe in building more than just the artist, but the brand that comes with it. If you’re an artist and want to be part of the family, look below for more information on perks, and what comes with being a part of Blayze Production.  


You are the focus of this company, and you deserve more than what you’re getting for your talents and skills. We know it’s hard to become an artist and do the behind the scene work by yourself. Or you feel like you do a lot of work, but don’t see results. Well, it takes a team to be successful, and we can be a part of your team. I know you’re wondering what you get for being a part of Blayze Production.  

What we do is we put you in stages that will last you for a year. We work on your branding and you as an artist during the year process. During this process, most artists will receive between
3- 45% royalties from their music and shows. All artists will get the opportunity to perform in front of small, med, and large crowds. Also, the artist will get a significant number of studio time to help sharpen their skills. After the staging process, the artist will have the opportunity to get signed by Blayze Production and have access to even more great perks.

Be smart about your musical career, and let us help you build it.

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